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Every great map was born from brainstorming, and that’s why we like to position ourselves as strategic consultants to build a detailed proposal with a specific action plan.

Together we will identify the game mode, the communication strategy, and the budget that best suits your needs.

Map Creating

Look around... done?
Imagine that everything you’ve sees can be recreated by our team inside Fortune and with the product placement of your brand! We once created a map set inside a computer.


Whoever finds a friend finds a treasure, and we certainly won’t leave you without references after the go live!
We will stay by your side for the duration of campaign, providing maintenance and technical assistance on the map and ensuring its correct function.

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Game modalities



It consists of a variable-length path on which the players must take advantage of all their skills in applying the game mechanics to finish the race in the shortest time possible.



It consists of an obstacle course of variable length. The player will have to get through different areas, characterized by many traps, to reach the final goal and thus be able to complete the race.


Freestyle (car)

Custom riders and courses that test your car-driving skills through jumps, obstacles, maneuvers, and Hot wheels-style circuits.

Mario Kart Mod

Mario Kart Mod

This modality was inspired by the famous Nintendo game Mario Kart, which provides a car race (between Rocket League cars) inside an entirely personalized route.



Este es un mapa temático de Rocket League, estilo Team Deathmatch. En lugar de disparar a los otros jugadores, aquí el objetivo es tan demoler coches de otras personas.

Education Map

Education Map

Interactive maps oriented towards Gamification: training courses and activities built to educate and bring new generations closer to more complex topics.



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Customer journey

Once online, all maps are assigned a unique code allowing access. The user is engaged on social media through dedicated marketing campaigns, in which the unique code is shown, providing the entrance to the map from the very same Fortnite game.

Speedrun Speedrun

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